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Star Trek Holy Week 2013 Part 3

Avoid the Planet Earth at all costs. …Farewell. Read the rest of this entry »

Star Trek Holy Week 2013 Part 2

“The Genesis effect has in some way regenerated Captain Spock.” Read the rest of this entry »

Guest Post – “Being Human” by Scott Higa

Scott Higa of The Christian Nerd is one of my favorite bloggers. He also happens to like The Undiscovered Country Project a bit as well. I’m honored that he agreed to contribute a guest post to Spocktober! If you like what you read here, be sure to check out his other work. Thanks, Scott! –KCN<>< Read the rest of this entry »

This Side of Paradise – Eden, Heaven and the Challenge of Being Human

In the Original Series episode “This Side of Paradise,” the Enterprise goes to Omicron Ceti III, a planet settled by a colony of humans seeking a simpler life. Here, the landing party encounters spores that, when inhaled,  protect their human hosts from the lethal Berthold radiation on the planet, providing them with health, longevity and a new attitude – freedom from all want. The episode demonstrates important ideas about human nature and furthers questions about Biblical ideas of paradise, both Edenic and Heavenly.

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Shatner and Kirk and Generations – “Oh, My…”

If you haven’t seen Star Trek: Generations, this post is not for you. If you have, you know these words from Captain Kirk: “Oh, my…” Though it appears some people responded positively to the scene, most Star Trek fans are still smacking their heads in bewilderment, wondering why this line exists. Public opinion skews so much in this direction that, speaking at the Paley Center for Media in 2004, the Shat himself felt compelled to offer an impassioned defense of the improvised moment. In so doing, he hit on the underlying spiritual nature of Star Trek‘s quest.

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