Happy SPOCKTOBER 2013!!

Our annual, month-long tribute to Spock begins NOW!!

Let me explain something. My birthday is in October. My wife’s birthday is in October. My son’s birthday is in October. Two of my best friends’ birthdays are in October. Heck, my mother-in-law and most of my wife’s cousins have birthdays in October! For me, though, there is no October. There is only Spocktober.

That’s a total lie. My son’s turning four! It’s so cool!! He’s just the best. :-D

But, Spocktober is still huge–especially¬†this Spocktober! Why? Because, this Spocktober, I get to celebrate not only Spock, but my new book,¬†The Gospel According to Star Trek, coming next year from Cascade Books!

Thanks to our friend, makeup and visual effects artist Steve Neill, we’re once again giving away TWO PAIRS of the coolest, most authentic Spock Ears available – made right from the molds Steve used to build Spock’s ears for Star Trek: The Motion Picture! Click here for our Exclusive Spock Ears GIVEAWAY!

Of course, we’ll also have great guest posts, SpockExtras and other new content, like our UCP Audio Commentary for Star Trek: Into Darkness! I may have a couple of surprises along the way as well. ;)

I hope you’ll join us all month as we show our Spock love! Happy Spocktober and Live Long and Prosper! (John 10:10)

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