Haven – UCP Audio Commentary

This is Armin Shimerman. And the most disturbing way to send a message. Ever. This and more on our audio commentary for TNG’s “Haven!”

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There are so many questions to ask about this episode. What’s with Deanna’s giftwrap pajamas? How did they fit Armin Shimerman into that small, silver box? And why? We may not be able to answer these questions, but we’ve got some others. Like: How is Gene Roddenberry’s worldview reflected in this episode? Is there a hint of a Christ image to be found here? And what does Mr. Homm ringing a small gong have to do with Christian cultural engagement?

Join us as we have fun at the expense of a notoriously not great episode and manage to find some interesting stuff to talk about – if we can stop laughing long enough to do it!
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2 Responses to “Haven – UCP Audio Commentary”

  • Mike Poteet says:

    The Betazoid thanksgiving ritual and Paul’s clanging gong – nice link! Well done.

    Not my favorite episode of TNG, so not much else to say. Like Majel Barrett but can’t stand Lwaxana Troi. Also, an “E” for effort at Wyatt & Christ, but Christ didn’t condescend to us for the sake of a hot (ostensibly) girl he was having dreams about…! (Although I guess you could read some Song of Solomon allegory-style into this at this point, if Christ is the groom pursuing his beautiful bride, the Church…)

    You should try listening to McCarthy’s score in isolation some time. It is actually a very lovely composition. The episode is not worthy of it, I grant you that, which may account for some perceived incongruous moments (or, as you suggested, bad editing).

    • Kevin C. Neece says:

      I agree. It’s a pretty weak episode, but it’s enjoyable to watch when you’re making fun of it! ;)

      I think you hit on something there with the Christ and the Church allegory. I could run with that!

      I will give McCarthy’s score a chance on its own. I do think the mixing has more to do with it than the music, but whether the music is good on its own or not, it still felt incongruous in places. Of course, McCarthy’s still awesome. :)

      Thanks for listening and sharing your thoughts as always, Mike!

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