SpockExtra #1 – The Wisdom of Spock

For those who are new to Spocktober, SpockExtras are where I share cool Spock stuff I find ’round about the web. Some are funny, some are profound, some are just weird. We’ll start with a thoughtful, funny one from writer, actor, musician and nerd, Neil Shurley.

Neil has a really cool blog with a lot of funny/profound/geeky content that also happens to be very well written. For our SpockExtra#1, I’d like to share a piece he did called “The Wisdom of Spock: 10 life lessons from everyone’s favorite Vulcan.”

He’s got a lot of things to say about Spock, covering everything from IDIC and the origins of the Vulcan salute (a subject I’m very interested in) to space hippies and somehow a Planet of the Apes reference. It’s a fun and insightful read. The link or the image above will take you there.

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