Spocktober 2012 – Exclusive Spock Ears GIVEAWAY! (New Posts Below)

This giveaway is CLOSED! See the winners HERE! Thanks to all who entered!

SPOCKTOBER is here again and so is our Star Trek: The Motion Picture Spock Ears GIVEAWAY! Comment on this post for your opportunity to win one of TWO SETS of authentic Spock Ears!

Thanks to the generous support of makeup and special effects artist Steve Neill, The Undiscovered Country Project is once again giving you the chance to WIN a pair of ears exactly like Spock’s in Star Trek: The Motion Picture! These are based on the original molds used in the film, painted and signed by Steve Neill! They are absolutely the best, most accurate Spock ears available–exact duplicates of the ones Leonard Nimoy wore in the film.

Remember, these are made from the original molds, based on Nimoy’s ears. So, you probably won’t be able to wear them, but they are a fantastic collectible and a direct connection to a prized piece of Star Trek history! We have TWO pairs of ears to give away, so keep entering all Spocktober long!


And here they are…


Steve’s ear molds in the curing oven


The ear molds opened


And here’s Steve talking about his work on Star Trek: The Motion Picture and showing us the molds and the ears!




There are TWO pairs of ears to be given away, one after each goal:

Goal 1: 200 Facebook Fans for The Undiscovered Country Project (or October 31)

Goal 2: Leonard Nimoy (@The RealNimoy) RTs a tweet about Spocktober containing a link to this post (or October 31)


General Giveaway Rules:

1. Giveaway is open Worldwide.

2. Each entry earned MUST be reflected by a comment on THIS post! You earned 10 entries? Comment 10 TIMES.

3. An entry must be earned according to the requirements below for a comment to be considered a valid entry.

4. For each giveaway, the comments will be numbered, then the numbers will be randomized (using Random.org) and the number at the top of the randomized list will be our winner.

5. Remember….All of your comments must contain a way to contact you if you are the winner, otherwise another winner will be chosen.


Basic Entry Requirements:

  1. Like our Facebook page, The Undiscovered Country Project.
  2. Share the UCP Facebook page in your status.
  3. Comment here that you liked and shared.

Already Like us? Make a comment telling us so!

No Facebook account? Email a link to this post to your friends and CC undiscoveredcountryproject@yahoo.com, then come back here to leave a comment.


Extra Entries: (Leave one comment for each entry earned)

(Extra entries are available only after making a Basic Entry and valid only if a comment is made for each entry earned)

Earn 1 Extra Entry Daily:

  1. Tweet “@UCPTweets Happy #Spocktober! Enter to WIN Authentic Replica Spock Ears like @TheRealNimoy wore in TMP! http://goo.gl/mqXkC #Spock #StarTrek”. (Your comment must link back to your tweet. Instructions here.)

Earn 2 Extra Entries:

  1. Promote The Spock Ears Giveaway on any social media outlet. (Put a link in your comment.)
  2. Make a relevant comment on any non-giveaway UCP blog post. (Don’t forget to comment here too!)

Earn 5 Extra Entries:  

    1. Follow The Undiscovered Country Project (@UCPTweets) on Twitter.
    2. Subscribe to the UCP Update! email newsletter.
    3. (For Facebook Follwers ONLY) Share this giveaway with friends by e-mail & CC undiscoveredcountryproject@yahoo.com. (We hate spam and respect your privacy!)

Earn 10 Extra Entries:

    1. Subscribe to the UCP Audio Commentary Series on iTunes or Podbean
    2. Blog about this giveaway with a link back to this blog post. Be sure to include a direct link to your blog post in your entry comment.

Earn 20 Extra Entries:

    1. Donate at least $1.00 to The Undiscovered Country Project using one of the PayPal buttons on the UCP website.



Have fun, spread the word and HAPPY SPOCKTOBER!!

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